Vission, Mission and Objective
Become the centre of excellence in the field of public policy that is ethical, nationalist, concern and commitd to the interests and needs of the community based on Pancasila
1.     Provide educatuon and teaching on the science of public administration that excells in producing ethical and nasionalist human resources with Pancasila moral
2.     Develop the sciene of Public Administration with a concentration of publicy policy, accordingly with the development of siene and teechnologu by appreciating the values of diversity through research, discussions, seminar and publications.
Organize a community service that is based on the dissemination and development of public administration sciene in the midst of society
1.    Provide education to produce high quality graduates who are experts in the field of public administrations accordidng the user needs
2.    Conduct research that highly regards the value of science and diverse societies to meet the challenges of policy by involving students
3.    To improve the quality of education in public policy with continuous improvement of the teaching and learning process
4. Conducting seminars, discussions and pubications in the field of public plicy with the involvement of experts, faculty and students

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