State Administration Study Program Excellence
a.    A top 10 study program of State Administration in Indonesia with an A accreditation (excellent) based on the Decree BAN-PT no.169/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/VIII/2013
b.    Most faculties and teching staffs has the qualifications of:
i.    Nationally certified
ii.    Doctorate degree
iii.    Experirnce and expert int heir fields Current

a.    The learning curiculm is based on the current needs and gives opportunity for students to graduate in 3,5 years from the 4 yearss of common study.
b.     Has access to the govenrment and other donor organisations in building a partnerships to develop educations in the forms of:
i.    Scholaships
ii.    On the field work practice
iii.    Studies, seminars or dscussions
Supported b a condusive study room (AC, Wifi, PC and projector) also a cyber library that is on continous improvement.

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